Digital strategy

We define the communication strategy and the digital ecosystem project: requirements analysis, benchmarking, studio audiences and influencers, content strategy and canals, dashboards, ad campaigns (SEM and social networks).



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Digital content

We produce content and making multi-format and multi channel digital projects in the fields of culture, education, science communication and business.

  • Content for websites, blogs, events, e-mail marketing
  • Content for mobile and apps
  • Audiovisual and Multimedia

We design creative and innovative digital narratives according to the objectives and audiences of each project.

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Exhibiton content

We conceptualize and design content for exhibitions, events and institutional spaces: exhibition scripts, research and documentation, textual content and multimedia applications (interactive audiovisual 3D).



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Social Media

We manage the 2.0 identity in order to ensure the impact and communicative engagement: Social Media Plans, Community Management, 2.0 campaigns, identification of influencers, 2.0 broadcasting and live video.



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Technology and design

We develop user-oriented digital platforms: websites, mobile web, apps, interactives, intranets, blogs, microsites, email marketing …

We are experts in the leading CMS applications (Liferay, Drupal, WordPress, Tridion, Open CMS, etc.).


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Training and support

We accompany our clients in marketing strategy and online communication: customized training sessions, workshops, web style and 2.0 guides.



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